The Start of an Adventure

I have officially been a college graduate for a week and a half, and I am half-way to my job half-way around the world. As many of you know, I have decided to take a year off before starting graduate school. While I am confident in knowing what I want to do, I knew that I needed some time away from MIT and Cambridge before coming back for grad school. The MST (Master of Science in Transportation) program has been described to me as a family, and I knew I needed some space from my previous life in order to be able to be a full part of this community.

So step number 1 in my “gap year” of sorts is my trip to Holland for Hannah’s final trumpet exam. It was amazing to be able to really see her play after all these years, and the past week has been great to see her life here again. Step number 2 commences in a few days time when I leave for India for my internship with EMBARQ. More on that later.

I am starting this blog again as a way to keep track of my journey over the next year and even more, and as a way to showcase some of my photography. I am hoping that I can show you what I am seeing and the journey I am having.

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