As a city, Brussels is a bit strange.  It seems to have a lot of potential: beautiful buildings, interesting stores, good food, but walking around the city, it seems to lack a soul.  There was just something about the lack of life on the street and in people’s interactions that was a bit off.  It did nearly redeem itself with its beer offerings, however.

The goal of my trip to Brussels was focused primarily on visiting places that my parents suggested or that were part of their meeting saga.  The mental map was a bit tough to follow at times, which I’ll blame on the inability of Google maps to print clearly in B&W, but I was able to find most of the suggestions.  The mussel places in the corner of the Grand Plac remains undiscovered, and while I ate a waffle on the way to the Manneken Pis, it remains a mystery if it was the intended.

By far the highlight, however, was A la Becasse, a small beer pub near the Grand Plac.  It was like stepping back in time, and while the rain may have contributed, a place mostly for locals.  The lambic, both blanc and doux, was fantastic.  Definitely a reason to return to Brussels at some point.

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