Reflections on Delhi

Driving into Delhi from the airport was a welcome break from the hectic-ness of Mumbai.  The first thing I noticed was how green it was.  Finding green in Mumbai is like looking for a needle in a haystack.  While I have heard sentiments that Delhi is unsafe, uncomfortable, crazy etc., for me it was green, open and clean.  It was everything that Mumbai seemed not to be.  I never felt uncomfortable, just sat back and enjoyed.  The street scene in old Delhi was familiar, but in the back of a cycle rickshaw, it seemed quiet compared to the back of an Mumbai autorickshaw.  The day later brought the most incredible park I saw in India, in the middle of a neighborhood I would have loved to explore more.  The park brought an hour of quiet and reflection, something I never would have imagined just the day before on my last day of work in Mumbai.

Maybe my view was skewed as a result of three and a half months in Mumbai, but to me Delhi seemed a place I could actually live, as opposed to the city that seemed to push me out.  I would never give up the experience I had in Mumbai, but until I got to Delhi, I never thought that I would ever consider going back to live in India.  May time and another trip will take off my rose-colored glasses, but my short time in Delhi changed my view of India.

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2 thoughts on “Reflections on Delhi

  1. Wow! Your blog is so gorgeous! What lovely writing and beautiful pictures.

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