A New Perspective on Brazil

Being back in São Paulo seems like a flashback sometimes.  Despite the fact that the city is one of the largest in the world, I seem to keep stumbling upon places that I´ve been before.  I am apparently working on two or three blocks from the first hotel I stayed in São Paulo and the mall that was the furthest we really ventured is right across the street from work.  At times it seems like I know the city pretty well, and then something else pops up.  But my time here the past couple of weeks has opened my eyes to what my experience in São Paulo might be like.

Everything seemed to happen in an instant.  One minute I was planning on going to Germany, then Singapore popped into the picture and then a week later I found myself on a plane to Brazil.  I feel like I haven´t had much time to think about what I´m doing; I was just thrown into it.  I went from studying German to trying to navigate my way through Portuguese.  The past few weeks have seemed like a whirlwind, but in many ways I am glad I am here.  Professionally, it is an incredible opportunity and some of the projects I will be working on are things many people don´t have the chance to see in their entire careers.  I am here learning Portuguese, which although was unexpected, has the potential to become the language I know best.  I don´t know what this experience might lead to, but it is just another one that I am extremely lucky to have the opportunity to have.

This city has in some ways brought itself back to neutral in my eyes; we just have to see where it ends up.  I am feeling very open to this experience and everything it might entail.

Disclaimer: So I have to be upfront: I am recycling my own pictures.  I have barely had time to wrap my head around the fact that I am here in Brazil, let alone get out and take photos.  To be honest, it has been awhile since I have been out with my camera.  I don’t think I took any pictures in the ~3 months I was back in the States.   But the reasons for that are for a different day.

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4 thoughts on “A New Perspective on Brazil

  1. Patrick Heywood on said:

    I am so glad you are blogging again….Miss you… Dad (and Mom)

  2. and a month later… how is it?

    • I am really enjoying it. I don’t know if it is the place, or the people I’ve met, or if I am just more open now, but something seems to have changed in how I approach the city, and these experiences in general. I think living in Mumbai also shifted my perspective and view of the world.

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